if it’s not you, it’s gonna be someone else

I feel like saying that to every guy who’s ever rejected me. That’s what I immediately think. And what I mean by that (I know you’re not a mind-reader) is the guy rejects the idea of us being together for whatever faults, shortcomings and vices I may have, but what he doesn’t realize is while he deemed me unworthy, that doesn’t mean someone else will. It doesn’t mean I will never be with someone. Oh I will. So just because it’s not you doesn’t mean I’m going to end up alone. Hence, if it’s not you, it’s gonna be someone else.

But then I thought and thought (a dangerous thing for me to do sometimes) and came up with something else for this phrase. What if that ‘you’ was directed at ‘me’? So, flip the finger and point it at myself. So then the phrase could apply to a job position, for example. If I went in somewhere and interviewed for a position and didn’t get picked, there’s always going to be someone else who fills the position, right? Just because I am unable to do the job doesn’t mean no one is able to do the job. Someone’s going to do it. That’s why the position was created in the first place and suddenly there’s an opening.

Which leads me to another bright conclusion: nothing is impossible! That’s right. Nothing is impossible folks because if you can’t solve it, the solution is still out there and someone’s going to find it. Maybe you won’t be alive when this miraculous epiphany occurs, but it will happen. One way or another, Blondie’s going to getcha.

And if it’s not you, it’s gonna be someone else.

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