bloggity blog blog :)

Dearest Blog, hello! I’ve neglected you for a few days and for that I am sorry. But not to you. I am sorry that I haven’t taken advantage of our writing time together. This is precious time. If I stare at all the functions long enough, words form a post of some sort. At least, in theory that’s how it works.

Over the weekend I was blessed with time to spend with the ‘rents. My mom and I went to this sushi place (our usual) and all these old songs (mostly Asian, duh) came on. A flood of college memories came back because just about all of them I heard for the first time in college. It’s funny–a couple of the songs were introduced to me by people who I wouldn’t exactly call kindred spirits if you know what I mean. Yet, we always appreciate someone introducing a good song to us. It’s like, if they weren’t good friends to us, at least the one thing they did well was let me know that song.

For the first time when I went home I didn’t bring home any work from work (ha!). I focused on hanging out, learning a recipe from beginning (starting with digging up Chinese chive from the garden) to end and eating American food even though we had thought we were going to an all-you-can-eat crab legs buffet. It’s amazing how much the quality of your weekend improves when you let go and enjoy.

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