I’m not the jealous type, but I do get jealous.

I’m not the jealous type, but I do get jealous. When I think of “jealous type,” I’m thinking of what someone calls someone in a relationship when that someone seems to get jealous over every person of the opposite sex who approaches, talks, touches or whatever their SO, even if this interaction really meant nothing (assuming that we’re talking about a straight couple here, but the same principle applies for all couples). Basically, a person who is easily rattled, especially when it involves their person of interest. Yeah, I’m not the jealous type. But of course I have my moments when I’m jealous. The thing is, I think when I’m jealous, it’s a reflection of my insecurities. Oh, she’s so much prettier than me, I’ll think. I think that’s my first insecurity because I tend to think I’m smart enough, funny enough and maybe even intellectual enough albeit I understand I still have a lot to learn, just not good enough looks-wise. Looks is where I feel I lack. It’s not that I think I’m ugly. I just think compared to some other girls, I’m not put-together enough. So I’ll have this jealous thought and then move on. I won’t obsess over it. I know I’m born with what I’m born with and I can’t change that, so why mope about it? Be happy with what I got. I’m just saying I have insecurities just like everybody else. But I’m not the jealous type.

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