truly yourself

I’ve written about SSB (Secret Single Behavior) before (this was in my Xanga), but just in case I never brought up this point, I’m going to make it now: how do we truly know we are being ourselves around the person we have chosen to be our life partner? Because as far as I know, we’re always going to have SSB, which means that there’s always going to be parts of ourselves we don’t reveal to our life partners.
Like even if you are paired up with someone, aren’t you still going to pick your nose, scratch your crotch and dance around the house like a high person (potentially in your underwear)? I know I’m still going to sing Britney Spears at the top of my lungs. The question is, do I reveal this part of me to my SO?
If you really think about it, all those moments you were alone were only witnessed by your Creator, whoever or whatever you deem that to be. Would you be willing to tell your SO what happened during those private moments? Or would you hold onto it like a secret inside a vault in a Swiss bank?
Or would you be afraid that your SO wouldn’t love you anymore if they knew about your SSB?

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