not caring what others think

Everyone says you shouldn’t care what other people think. But does that ever happen for anybody? Even if they state that they don’t care what other people think, isn’t it because they care that other people will see them as someone strong enough to hold their own, thereby showing they care what other people think? But I guess there are still instances where you really do do things differently from everyone else that shows you don’t care what anybody thinks. For example, if you stay home and study all the time instead of go out and have a life, you are showing the world that you don’t care what other people think. If you did, to fit in and look cool you’d sneak away to a party at some jock football player’s house like the other teenagers do on the weekends and somehow deem as normal.

Then again, you could just be showing your nerdy friends that you can be cutthroat with academics too. And yes, there are as many ways to live as there are people in the world, but with so many people in the world, there are bound to be similarities in lifestyles. We are all human beings, trying to make sense of who we are, what we want and why we exist in the first place. Philosophy! Right? So what does not caring what other people think actually mean then?

Because I’m sure to some that means you can walk around naked in public and not worry about breaking the law and what’s going to happen to you. Maybe it’s like a society that follows the rules of anarchy? After all, if you abide by the law, you care what others think. You might be a pregnant teenager and trying to figure out how to hide this from your parents. Obviously you care what your parents think. And if you cut them off and run away and never speak to them again, you still care what they think or you wouldn’t have done all of that.

So maybe not caring what others think is being the most original form of yourself that you can be. That’s really hard. I think the only person who has walked this Earth who didn’t care what others think is Jesus. We’ll never live up to that, so maybe the solution is not to think at all.

That doesn’t make sense.

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