everything about everything

I was reading an article about reviving a language this morning. Apparently, a language becomes extinct when the last person who speaks it dies. I did not know that before reading this article. Well, at least I never thought about it so I guess that classifies as not knowing. So anyway, La Gomera is a Spanish island, one of the Canary Islands, and Silbo Gomero is an ancient whistling language the citizens are required to speak. The local government wanted to make sure it doesn’t become extinct.
Rewind. A whistling language? Yes, a language where the spoken part is based upon different whistling sounds. First I had to wrap my head around the fact that such a language exists. Then I had to wrap my head around the fact that languages can go away forever. Like dinosaurs or something. And finally, now I’m wrapping my head around the fact that there are so many articles out there I haven’t read. There’s no way I’m going to read everything ever written. Which means there are so many things out there I’m never going to find out about. So how do I know what’s important? Let me rephrase that. How do I know what I should be reading?
Maybe it’s healthier not to want to know everything about everything and everyone. Just the fact that there’s no way you will find out everything will kill you. I’m also sure there are some things you just don’t need to know. The question is, will you be able to selectively read?

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