Energy Vampires

I’ve never thought of myself as a rechargeable battery, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

When you wake up in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, you are fully recharged. But then one by one the energy vampires come knocking. They suck time. They are anything and anyone who suck energy you need to get through the day. They do this without you noticing, and not in a “time flies while you’re having fun” kind of way either. That girl friend who just can’t stop whining to you about the same problems over and over even though you’ve been there for her over and over, given your two cents and she still hasn’t made a change. That computer game you just can’t quit playing. That TV show marathon you can’t stay away from. At some point you have to decide how you’re going to spend your energy. It can be a tough decision to make, especially for the people-pleasers. But at the end of the day, when it’s time for bed, it’s time for recharging.

There are going to be workaholic days when you can’t afford any energy vampires in your life. For example, if you have a long commute, your day is already shorter. If someone, like an old friend, were to call you after work, you’ll have to decide how long you can stay on the phone with them. Because you are bound to have to start dinner or something. And if you have friends who want to hang out after work, will you have the energy to do so? You have to make these decisions because you have to get up early for work the next day and you don’t want to feel pooped for that. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like doing something or going somewhere feeling sleepy and tired and grumpy. Basically, I don’t feel like turning into a vampire myself (eventually of the energy breed). It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it?

It all comes down to what’s important to you. Because the people you sacrifice some of that “me time” for are going to know that they matter to you. And some people who can be energy vampires one day, can be the ones who are going to sacrifice their “me time” for you on another.

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