Life-changing experience

I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll start with last three-day weekend, I went to a writers’ workshop that changed my life.

If you haven’t heard of Matthew Murrie, get on it! He is an English professor at Westminster College, a ‘What If’ edupreneur, co-author of several Scholastic nonfiction science books and other roles as well I’m sure. He is easy to talk to and I’m glad I didn’t exhaust him with all my curious questions about writing. 🙂 I think that’s the core of his success–his simple desire to help people. Which brings me to the second person I met that changed my life.

Hilde Seevers is a Creative Consultant who not only helps people write, but basically acts as a life guide to help them achieve whatever they have been wanting to achieve for a long time simply by changing the way they think. She sold her car and now walks everywhere. I admire anyone who has that much faith in herself. Along with Matthew Murrie, she has certainly changed my whole perspective on things and together they made me see that if I want to be a full-time writer, I can do it! Of course it is up to me and getting out of my head so I can get unstuck from where I am now.

Fear is what’s been holding me back and I’m going to let it go. I’m going to stop letting it get to me. It’s a new year and it’s going to be a year without fear. As for what the advice they shared with me, you’ll have to check them out for yourself or you can follow along as I write about my process to finding my happy ending.

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