Lately I’ve been cleaning out my computer and this process got me thinking about the value of pictures. I’ve been deleting pictures I no longer need and any old documents that have no meaning anymore either. I have way too many files. Paintings I get. They need to be preserved and hung up and admired. Photography art I get. It needs to be appreciated in exhibits and shows. But random snapshots you take with your camera do not need to be saved forever. Well, at least my random snapshots.

See, I don’t know how I got started on this, but at some point I started taking pictures like a tourist whenever I was experiencing something new or something for the first time or whatever. They weren’t very good pictures or anything, but I saved them to blog for later. Except I never did. They were just sitting there, taking up disk space on my laptop. Pictures of food mostly from restaurants I was trying for the first time. I wouldn’t just take a picture of the main course–I’d do the fruity drink I had, the dessert, the salad and whatever else I had to eat that meal.

It was like, if I could just take a picture, that meal would always be preserved and I can look back on it any time, as if I could eat it again just by looking at the picture. But then I realized that I’m not a food blogger, so if I wasn’t going to blog about it, why save the pictures? Some foods are presented nicely and it may be fun to look at, but what am I going to do with that? Just keep taking pictures of every meal I ever have from now on?

A meal is a meal–something temporary to be enjoyed in the moment and when that meal is gone, the moment is also over and that should be the end of that. No pictures, no evidence, no nothing. No use in holding on. It’s onto the next one…

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