understanding men

I think I understand men. I don’t think they understand that I understand them. They usually assume I’m a girl. It takes a guy who is patient enough to get to know me to learn that I understand men and I’m not as girly as they may think to realize who I really am.

Now I may not understand everything about men, but a lot of times when a girl comes to me with a frustrating situation involving a guy and they “just don’t get it,” I usually get it and know how to explain it to them. I truthfully think there’s more guy in me than girl. That I still don’t know how to explain. (And by frustrating situation, I’m not talking about deeply convoluted relationship issues.)

I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about. Let’s say a girl’s been talking to a guy online and she’s there for him, responding to what he says right away. At first he’s responding right away as well, but then he’ll take five hours before he responds to her next statement. So she’s all upset and crying and wondering why he’ll do that. It’s simple. He’s not chained to the computer. He may be writing something, he may be playing video games in the next room, maybe he’s watching TV or cooking. There’s no need to sit there and wait for a response from him. You’ll only get upset. It’s just how some guys are.

Le sigh. Maybe the bigger issue here is that most girls put the relationship first and most guys put their own personal needs first. If we understand how the female and male brains are wired, maybe we can all get along better.

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