I think if someone cheats on you, you should think of it as an example of why you two are not compatible. It’s going to hurt what that person did to you, but in a way, just take it as you two are not meant to be together. It doesn’t have to be this long drawn-out heartache. Save yourself the emotional pain.

Of course, I’m only sounding so calm about this because I have not had someone cheat on me before (that I know of). I also wouldn’t say anything is wrong with you if you find someone cheating on you. It just means this relationship wasn’t meant to last. Still, I wouldn’t wish cheating on anybody. However you look at it, it still hurts.


Sometimes you just can’t look at the clock. It’ll scare ya. Just do, don’t think about it or what it is. The clock is only displaying numbers. That’s it. You don’t have to compete against it or nothing. Just do. Then go to bed. Eventually you won’t care. And you’ll get so much more done. And you’ll smile because you’ll feel so productive.

At least that’s how I look at it, even though I’m still a work in progress and I haven’t gotten to the smiling part because I’ve gotten to the dancing part. Sometimes I celebrate early and that can hurt me, but other times it’s just really nice to live in the moment.

So lately I’ve been trying not to compete against the clock. It’s so much better than competing against others, wouldn’t you say so?