Smoothies and Politics

Smoothies taste good. I love mixing berries together in mine and today I made one without bananas, but usually it’s good to add bananas to the mixture. For some reason, bananas give that extra “One Thing” that One Direction sings about that makes a smoothie taste good. At least that’s what I think. There are a myriad of different ways to make a smoothie, obviously, so maybe your “One Thing” for your smoothie is pineapple. I have no idea, but that’s what makes smoothies so great.

I suppose in a way, smoothies are like melting pots. You can’t really make a smoothie with one ingredient. Well, you could, but that’s kind of boring. We have to have people from all different cultural backgrounds to make an interesting America, one that works. And an America that works, with all its quirkiness, warts and all, can make an impact on the world.

I really don’t care if I just made a political statement or not. I have been known to do that in the past. Back in school while studying the art of poetry, I unknowingly wrote a poem that turned out to be a political piece. That kind of scared me as I am not a political person. I am a fictional (haha) person. (Kudos to you if you got that.) When I wrote that poem, I was just completing the assignment and at most, making an observation or trying to send forth a positive telegram into the atmosphere.


Time to start over.

When you desperately need to open a new chapter of your life, you start over. That could be a number of different things. For some, it’s getting a new haircut. For others, it’s buying a new former-owned car. Whatever the method, starting over is one way to get the new chapter you need.

Sometimes people think starting over is ignited by love of someone else–wanting to impress them or prepare for a better potential future with them or even to make them proud. But I think starting over is ignited by self-love. We want to improve ourselves. We want to better. We don’t want to be stuck in the same old place forever.

Because if we depended on something or someone else for our lives forever, we would never attain the kind of satisfaction that comes from achieving a new chapter of your life on your own terms. Everybody wants something that is their own. Everybody wants independence.

And for goodness’ sake, if you’re wearing stripes, then make like a zebra and zigzag.