If you’ve been following my YouTube journey, you know that I’ve been doing mostly bookish posts. You also know that I’m not trying to be a professional filmmaker or anything. I just want another way to be creative and have fun with a project. I am about to post my next video for you guys and it is another book review. I do realize it is kind of long, but I also had a lot to say about “The Fault In Our Stars.” I tested out new lighting and background and it still came out a little crooked, but at least I talk more confidently in this one. I still ramble, but I tried to give this one a theme. I’ve now learned how to create a thumbnail for a video, but I haven’t added any special effects or anything. Can’t wait to try! We’ll see. I’m going to make it my goal to make my videos a lot shorter and less rambly (is that a word?). OK, ready now? Dun, dun, dun…


“20 Feet From Stardom”

Have you seen “20 Feet From Stardom”? No? Here’s the trailer and then I’m going to talk about it.

It’s amazing how most people don’t know the names of backup singers, but almost always know the names of the artists they sing for. I’m one of those people. I have to admit, the only backup singer I knew that is in this documentary that I knew the name of beforehand is Judith Hill.

But then again, at the same time, it’s not amazing. It’s expected. People come to the shows for the big names, not for the backup. However, if the backup disappeared, it wouldn’t be a show without them. They even mention in the film that backup singers are sometimes used as eye candy. So literally, the show wouldn’t be a show without them. (Now I do understand the flipside too, so don’t get me wrong. No backup singer wants to be on stage just to be eye candy.)

The film touched on how some of them were mistreated, like being featured on a song, but when the record came out, her name was nowhere to be found. And another example where a girl wanted to move on to a solo career, but after the first record and some time when she came back, they told her she was too fat and too old.

And then there’s Judith Hill. I was most excited to hear her story. She’s a background singer who’s trying to make it as a solo artist. She wants that so much she turned down many backup gigs to pursue her solo career. However, later she had to accept a couple background gigs and even wore a wig to hide behind, but then fans recognized her anyway and couldn’t believe it. She said she had to accept those gigs because it is tough to make it solo and sometimes you have to take gigs that are offered to you even if it’s not your ideal choice. As a writer I can definitely relate to that.

The film introduced me to Lisa Fischer. I am so glad that even though she spent some time struggling to make her own record and was even shelved at one point, she is back. To say it’s because of her passion for singing is an understatement. I really believe this woman was born to sing. She has this unique voice that speaks when she sings. I’m not even talking about words necessarily. Not every time she sings words. Sometimes she just sings emotion. And she does it purely because she has to, not to gain the spotlight. Or become famous. She’s a pure example of a diva singer who’s a singer, not a diva.

For some reason, her album was shelved, but she has proven that when you have that talent, you just got to do it. Just keep doing it because you can’t hold back something like that. So now she’s back on track on making a record and I knew it was about time. Talent like that has to be heard. There are no other ways to describe it.


A kiss

I think a kiss cannot be asked for. It has to happen naturally, like some deep animalistic romantic desire that cannot be contained for one more millisecond. Because if it is contained, then a roaring meat-shredding-ready lion will be rattling cage bars to get the kiss out…to close the distance between the kissers’ faces…that allows the lovers’ lips to touch and win this battle. And when the first kiss happens, the war of love has just begun.


I caved!


I treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today. I think it’s all Jenna Marbles’ fault really, if I should need to blame someone. She made a video not that long ago about PSLs being the one thing that ALL girls have in common this time of year. It made me laugh (as her videos usually do) and I thought about how I’m probably the one girl her video does not apply to and that thought kind of stuck and here I am today. I got one! I cheated though because Barnes & Noble gave me a $1 off coupon the other day when I went in to pick up a bookmark and it had to be used today for National Pumpkin Day. Is that an actual thing?

Anyways, it was exciting because they wrote my name on the cup!


We all want to live.

I recently watched Monica Lewinsky’s Forbes Under 30 Summit speech. I did it partially for research for my latest writing project and the other partially because I was curious about what she had to say. I have never watched her speak before. She even mentioned during her speech that she has not given many speeches before.

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about Monica Lewinsky. The last time was a little over seven years ago. The fact that I can remember that clearly about her, but forget other things so easily shows that you can forgive, but you can’t forget. Before watching her give her speech I didn’t think I would get much out of it, but afterwards was another story.

I still can’t say I can put what she did out of my head. But I had never thought about her side of the story or what she went through. Honestly, back then I think I was too preoccupied with school to worry about what she was feeling or going through. I just kind of went on with my life and that was that. I never thought she could feel so badly she’d have suicidal thoughts, but when she described everything that happened to her, I can kind of see how she could be enveloped by such darkness. Then she talked about Tyler Clementi. And my mind immediately went to a book review I did recently because I think the author of that book did mention something about Tyler and definitely references Matthew Shepard.

It made me think about how some young people say, “that’s so gay,” when they are talking about something or someone unpopular. I guess that statement is pretty harmless, but who really knows? That simple statement could cause someone to feel lowered self-esteem, leading to thoughts of suicide and harm. It seems silly, but it’s possible.

I think that’s sad because no one, not Monica Lewinsky, not pop singers (you know people call their music gay sometimes), not actual gay people, not artists, not anyone, should ever feel like they deserve to die. Just for being a different color or race or sexual orientation or whatever, a person should not feel so bad about themselves because of hurtful words other people have said to them that they want to die. They should feel proud of who they are and what they have accomplished. Why should a pop singer be labeled “gay”? At least that person is out there singing his or her heart out, doing something he or she loves and living for it. We all want to live. That’s more than can be said of many people who call them names or label them “gay” just for doing their thing.


last names

I have always been fascinated with people’s last names. I want to know where their last name comes from and if there’s a way to tell what country they are from by their last name. Is there? Does anyone have any tips? I just really want to know! Maybe I’m just weird, but American last names specifically make me curious. I think it’s because we are so mixed over here and it’s a fun guessing game. Anyone else share this fascination? Let me know in the comments below if you do! I won’t bite. I promise. 🙂

Almost forgot! Happy Mol Day! Props to you if you know what I’m talking about.


$6,000 seat at the Royals vs. Orioles game

By now everyone knows the Royals beat the Orioles. I haven’t sat down to watch, no, I haven’t watched a professional baseball game in a long time. But I did recently watch the penultimate game between Royals and Orioles before Orioles were defeated. (And since Cardinals lost too, birds will not be fighting birds, according to my mother.) I sat down on the couch with my mother, ate peanuts and watched the game. We started watching in the middle and then to the end. Royals were up, but the part of the game we saw no one scored. It was a frustrating game for me to watch, to say the least.

I thought about why I watched the game in the first place. MLB is usually boring for me to watch. I bet baseball is more fun to play than watch. (That probably goes for all sports, but I have a lot of fun watching basketball and football without the need to play it to make it interesting to me.) I know, I know. Baseball is the biggest sport in America, yet I’m not really a fan. Well, professional baseball players are too good! They either catch the ball before a batter even gets the chance to run or pitch a ball that is impossible to hit. This results in a lot of inaction for a viewer to watch. And if you attend a game and get a seat far, far away, what do you get to see? Sitting closer is more fun I’m sure, but there’s still not a lot of action going on because the players are too good.

At least if you’re at a bar or at home in front of the TV you can let someone else do the zooming in for you and you’ll get a much better seat for a lot cheaper. My dad wanted to take me to a game, but he said some of the best seats costs $6,000 per ticket and even the worst ones cost at least $100 or so. So the reason why this particular game was a big deal to me was because of who was playing. I’m from Baltimore and I have family now in KC. Enough said. I realized that sometimes, if you’re not a big sports watcher, if you have a team you are rooting for, you can get just as involved in the game as a regular fan.

Watching on TV I saw a lot of blue and some orange. I even saw two brave souls in orange sitting in the first row and while a sea of blue were cheering, they were looking out poker faced, sitting down. I got addicted to the peanuts and kept my eyes glued to the screen like I was eating popcorn at the movies instead. I was a silent KC traitor, hoping that my hometown team was going to score and feeling dejected when they didn’t. My mom didn’t even realize the game was over, that’s how boring it was to her. I had to explain to her that that was the end of the game and there’s a reason why Royals fans are cheering. “That’s it?” she exclaimed. “Not a single point after all that?!” I shook my head.

But I’ll tell you what. We had fun. I had my peanuts, I was watching the game with my mom, I didn’t think about anything else for the moment and we were on a comfy couch with our TV screen zooming in for us and it felt just as good as the $6,000 seat.


Does this happen to anyone else out there?

Seriously something is wrong with my brain. :O I sit there and read or I listen to someone talk and I see the words on the page or hear the words coming out of their mouths, but I only take in a part of what the words are saying. The rest are lost in thoughts that come from a place I have no idea where.

My brain has no control over these thoughts. They come out on their own free will to distract me. I need a thought lasso. Without a lasso, words of any shape or form do not get digested properly or in a timely manner. And then I need to reread or ask someone to repeat what they said. Are there thought lassos out there? I would get one if they exist.

Then I need a voice in my head to monitor the thought lasso so I don’t miss anything important. The voice would be able to release the thought at the right moment and hold back the thoughts blocking the words I need to take in at the moment. A thoughtfighter. They would wave a red flag and everything to bring that thought in.

Somebody needs to get on that! Now there’s a thought. 🙂


why grasshoppers are amazing

Grasshoppers have always been amazing. This is old news. But on a walk I took this morning, I realized why I have been so fascinated by them. I didn’t even notice this about myself until the other day when I was taking a walk with a friend and I stopped in the middle of the trail just to observe a grasshopper and she goes, “do you really like grasshoppers or something?” haha, I really hadn’t thought about it, but I guess I’m amazed every time I watch one hop. They hop really far for their size! The one I observed this morning was about 1 inch in length and it hopped from a leaf to another part on the sidewalk about 3 feet. That means it hopped about 36 times its body length in one hop! Wouldn’t it be cool if people could do that or build things that could do that? Maybe we already do and I’m just totally unaware…but yeah, I have to look every time a grasshopper hops by. (I know I’m a silly girl, I don’t need anyone telling me that.)