YouTube Channel

Hello world! ^.^

After talking to friends and family and becoming inspired by the talented peeps on YouTube, I have decided to start a channel of my own documenting my life as a crazy writer. I tried to pick one theme, but I am indecisive, so most likely I will do some book review posts and things author-related, but then talk about any random thought that may pop into my head. So I’m going to share my first ever video as a crazy writer and you’re welcome to subscribe, though I doubt you will just based on this first really shy and quiet video I uploaded. I didn’t even realize how quiet I was until after I uploaded, but I view YouTube as another one of my creative experiments. Yippeee! (OK, I have no idea why I sounded excited just then.)

Here goes nothing…

If you’ve read this far, good for you! In the video I basically showed what I look like at the end of the day and I commented that I don’t know how to smile right just in case you were wondering. Do I need captions? Hmmm…

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