How to stop keep breathing

There comes a time when we must learn to go with the flow or let some force push us along. Sometimes that force is getting older. The force is not getting older. The force is getting older.

Getting older comes with all the natural inevitables. Some parts of you start to hurt that you couldn’t have predicted would before. You might have to take pills to take care of those parts of your body that hurt. You might get cancer. You might get osteoporosis. You might go blind. You probably have to look up more words in the dictionary. (And need the reading glasses to do it.)

The problem is, while getting older happens without any of your input, you may not be at the point in your life that is controlled under your input. Your career path is crooked. You don’t have a house yet. You’re not engaged yet. You haven’t paid off your student loans. In other words, your timeline is way off. And you just keep getting older.

So what do you do? Well, the first thing you do is keep breathing. (I do remember mentioning this on my Xanga before.) Then you find your passion. Then you pursue it. You spend the rest of your life pursuing it if that’s how long it takes. And when your time runs out and you’re drawing your last breath, that’s when you finally stop keep breathing.

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