play for adults

Yesterday at dinner with friends, we talked about what does play look like for adults. When I first heard the question about it, I was immediately struck with the idea that that is not a hard question to answer and at the same time, that is an impossible question to answer.

You see, it seemed like a ridiculous question at first. To me, anything you did as a kid or maybe just something you haven’t done in a long time and you pick it up again as an adult is play for an adult. That could be a coloring book, doing word searches, going swimming, skateboarding, writing a song, or just about any kind of fun activity imaginable. But then, at the same time, is there an age limit to these activities? Are there really such things as play only suitable for children and play only suitable for adults? (OK, admittedly, one thing came to mind for adults, but I’m going to leave that out of this discussion.)

And the reason I ask these questions is because anything you did as a kid could have become the professional thing you do as an adult. Like for example, skateboarding. If you really love it, you can become a professional skateboarder. That’s one activity maybe usually reserved for kids, but there are professionals out there and I think one day it’s supposed to be added to the Olympics? (I read that somewhere.) So if that is true, then does the activity typically reserved for kids that adults also partake in become classified as play or work? *strokes chin*

I couldn’t tell you. I think I need to go interview Tony Hawk now…

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