Does this happen to anyone else out there?

Seriously something is wrong with my brain. :O I sit there and read or I listen to someone talk and I see the words on the page or hear the words coming out of their mouths, but I only take in a part of what the words are saying. The rest are lost in thoughts that come from a place I have no idea where.

My brain has no control over these thoughts. They come out on their own free will to distract me. I need a thought lasso. Without a lasso, words of any shape or form do not get digested properly or in a timely manner. And then I need to reread or ask someone to repeat what they said. Are there thought lassos out there? I would get one if they exist.

Then I need a voice in my head to monitor the thought lasso so I don’t miss anything important. The voice would be able to release the thought at the right moment and hold back the thoughts blocking the words I need to take in at the moment. A thoughtfighter. They would wave a red flag and everything to bring that thought in.

Somebody needs to get on that! Now there’s a thought. 🙂

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