why grasshoppers are amazing

Grasshoppers have always been amazing. This is old news. But on a walk I took this morning, I realized why I have been so fascinated by them. I didn’t even notice this about myself until the other day when I was taking a walk with a friend and I stopped in the middle of the trail just to observe a grasshopper and she goes, “do you really like grasshoppers or something?” haha, I really hadn’t thought about it, but I guess I’m amazed every time I watch one hop. They hop really far for their size! The one I observed this morning was about 1 inch in length and it hopped from a leaf to another part on the sidewalk about 3 feet. That means it hopped about 36 times its body length in one hop! Wouldn’t it be cool if people could do that or build things that could do that? Maybe we already do and I’m just totally unaware…but yeah, I have to look every time a grasshopper hops by. (I know I’m a silly girl, I don’t need anyone telling me that.)

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