Humans=high maintenance animals

I don’t know if I really need to make a post about it, but here goes.
I think sometimes we have to physically remove ourselves from technology to appreciate simple joys of nature and remember that at one point in the history of homo sapiens, enjoying nature is all we had to relax. Now, you can connect to your iPad, iPhone, laptop, stereo, calculator, whatever and so long as you are plugged in, you can measure your fitness, watch your favorite TV show, listen to a song, text your best friend and even read your favorite book all by staying connected to a screen. And these are just some basic technology examples.

We have forgotten what it feels like to take a walk outside, completely disconnected from our various technologies. We have forgotten life without staring into a screen. Without screens, we become bored. You never have to leave your apartment with all the delivery services available. Board games. Card games. Hide and seek. Telling stories at a bonfire. What happened? Now you can entertain yourself online.

Meanwhile animals still forage for food. Fly around all day looking for materials to build a nest. Fight off predators. Guard their homes. Fight others for food. Look for water. Find nectar. There’s no rent to pay every month or boss to answer to, but every day is an adventure. There are no ugly divorces or any type of paperwork for that matter. No elections. No cops on a power trip. There are only trees, rocks, earth and water. There are natural disasters. There are immediate needs to satisfy and no bills to pay. Bills for catching fish exist though.

Humans are not plants. We are moving creatures. We are animals in the sense of biology. We have all the same immediate needs to satisfy as other animals. But we are high maintenance animals.
And it’s time we learn to get disconnected every once in a while.

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