Endorphins can make you think some crazy things.

Endorphins don’t just make sure a girl doesn’t shoot her husband. (If you got my Legally Blonde reference, good for you.) They make a Christian girl know what she would want if she wasn’t a Christian. At least, I know what I would want if I were not a Christian girl.

(I’ll keep it PG. ;)) If I were not a Christian girl, I’d want a boy toy. Yes, someone just to have fun with. It wouldn’t go anywhere and after a while he’d be tired of being played with and leave me and want to find someone to settle down with instead who was not me, but it’d be fun for a temporary situation. Do I sound crazy to you yet? Or maybe just normal? Were you expecting me to say something like this? I’m telling you, it’s the endorphins talking. And to illustrate my point, it’d be something like this:

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