You’re being judged all the time.

At least it feels that way to me.
Whatever I say or do, someone has a reaction if they are around. If no one is around, someone would have an opinion about it if I tell them later or they find out later. A lot of times, if I say something, I can see a person’s immediate reaction on their face. (They always have one, whether you catch it or not.) Judgment.

And it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. I think there can be good judgment too. But it seems to me sometimes it’s easier to stay home because we don’t want to face any kind of judgment. We don’t want to see someone’s disappointed reaction on their face. We’d rather commit whatever sins in private and then not talk about it again because we know it’s something we cannot control of ourselves and we don’t want judgment for it.

But the question is, that thing you do in private, would you be afraid of your spouse finding out? Would you be afraid that that person would not love you anymore if they found out? Someone probably has a judgment for that as well. Maybe it questions the whole concept of loving someone unconditionally. Because there has to be some moments always hidden from our spouses.

I’m sure some actions are harmless. Some, however, if found out, can lead to a divorce. Are humans really capable of unconditional love?

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