what we all need to do right now

We live in a broken world. And just being human is complicated enough. I don’t even know how a world exists. You can get health problems from not eating enough salt. Too much sugar is bad for you. A sedentary lifestyle can cause all sorts of health problems, yet you can hurt yourself when you exercise too much. You get eyestrain from all the different technologies you use. You go deaf from noise pollution. Need I start on all the ways you can get cancer? At least your body tells you when something is wrong via pain, but there are also those silent killers out there. And that’s just your physical health. What about your mental well-being? That’s going to take more than a blog post to cover…

I just can’t understand how a world exists with such complexity going on in one body. And we’re supposed to all get along? It’s no wonder our world is so broken. Some people want a lot. Some people want to minimize what they have. Some people do not have enough. Different countries operate differently. Groups of people who do think alike like to band together to get their voices heard. I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say right now, but I do think the world is messy, life is messy and we have to somehow figure out how to clean ourselves up to help clean the world up or the world will be trashed and underappreciated and we may go out like the dinosaurs.

Now is the time to band together to turn something complicated back to simple. Maybe it’ll be like pretending the world is one big body we have to take care of together. We can’t just give it a try. We’ve got to do it. Earth is our home. We must take good care of it or it won’t just not be our home anymore. It’ll disappear forever.

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