Thanskgiving read: “High Country” by Nevada Barr

High Country

High Country by Nevada Barr was my Thanksgiving read. I’m really glad I read this after my trip to Yosemite because the book does not make me want to go back there any time soon.

“‘…I was reminded of myself at nineteen. I knew everything. I even knew what I didn’t know so there was no sense telling me I didn’t know something because I already knew that.'” (p.101-102)
Barr nailed it with this one. I don’t know too much to add because what she says is so true right here. Something about that transition age signalling the end of your teen years makes you feel invincible. You have everything figured out. The world is not hard to understand. You have experienced just enough to know this, but not enough to know how little you actually know of the world.

“Depression settled like dust over Anna’s mind…” (p.133)
This is such a beautiful way to kind of personify depression. When it happens, it kind of creeps up on you and all you want to do is clean it up. But sometimes you just allow it to sit there until it piles up.

“Education was one of the many reasons humans proliferated while animals thundered into extinction.” (p.150)
This statement is kind of strange. I think in some ways animals have their own kind of education. They may not call it that, but don’t they teach each other how to survive in the wild? And besides, humans are animals.

“A woman in Mississippi once said that being engaged to a sheriff/priest must be glorious. She could sin, get caught, repent, atone and be forgiven all in the arms of one man.” (p.190)
I have never thought of this before, but Barr makes sense here. I have also never known a sheriff/priest either, so that may explain a few things. To do bad and good and be forgiven all within one person sounds delicious.

“Love was a great motivator, but it paled in comparison to guilt. Guilt could move mountains one painful shovelful at a time.” (p.273)
Another truth by Barr. She was talking about someone accidentally infecting someone with HIV, but guilt can definitely affect someone in other situations as well. I can’t think of any right now, but maybe I’ll feel so bad I’ll come up with a list tomorrow.

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