Christmas tree bread or why my mom is awesome

PicMonkey Collage

The first is a before shot and the second is an after shot. What you see above is a Christmas tree bread without snow and the same Christmas tree bread with snow. My mom made it today for a holiday party we will be having tomorrow. I have not tasted it yet, but I cannot wait! I love my mom. This is a new recipe she just tried and I admire her courage to bring it out to guests the first time she baked it.


raise your hand if you have this problem

I think I’ve been missing some social cues lately. (That or I’m just a crazy writer. :/ Who knows?) Whenever someone asks me how I’m doing, whether it’s in person or via text or e-mail, I am very tempted to tell them exactly how I’m doing, no filter. Most times, I’ll admit, I’ll do the standard, “I’m good” or “I’m fine.” However, there are times when I just tell people how I’m doing, really.

I know there are times when someone really does want to know the answer to the “how are you?” question. But there are definitely others when they don’t. I guess what I’m trying to say is, sometimes I’m off and I don’t know when they really want to know how I’m doing and when they’re asking out of habit with no real interest in how I’m doing.

I just think “I’m good” and “I’m fine” is so repetitive and boring. That’s all. Can’t blame a girl for trying.



I think I ended up more excited about the cover design of A Little Something Different than the actual story. Oops! Nah, the novel is a fast, light read. How can you turn down anything that includes POVs from a bench and a squirrel? Some people are going to wonder why there’s a bench in this story, but I gave it some thought and I think we need the bench in the story because it brings Lea and Gabe together and allows them to talk to the same squirrel. Go awkward Chinese American girls! Woot!


Kimchi on a pizza at Pizza Tree

This is kimchi (or as Bill Nye would say, a picture of kimchi):


This is kimchi on a slice of pizza:


What?! I know. I can’t even. This is called Banh Mi and you can get it at Pizza Tree. Bánh mì means “all kinds of bread” in Vietnamese. Kimchi is Korean. And the Banh Mi pizza at Pizza Tree in downtown Columbia, MO is not just topped with kimchi. There’s olive oil, pizza cheese, sriracha-glazed pork belly, house-made kimchi, chile aioli and fresh cilantro. Take a look:


I’m not sure if you can read that menu really well from the picture I took, but I thought it looked cool, much like the pictures on the wall where my friends and I were eating (my favorite is the one that says “in pizza we trust,” it should be the one on top):


You can get pizza by the slice or a whole one and I’m sure there are other things to get. I am excited to go back and try all the different kinds of pizza! The Banh Mi pizza is perfect for people who love spicy foods. If you’ve never tried sriracha sauce, you’ve got to try it on this pizza. It’s a kind of chili sauce and just the right amount of hotness. 😉 I want to thank my friend, Leslie, for introducing me to this place. Yum, yum!

The table next to us ordered a whole Banh Mi pizza and I’ve got to say, this may be the most beautiful pizza I have ever seen so far in my life. There is no doubt that I will be going back. I commend Pizza Tree for being so creative.


that time we got high and went bar hopping…

I forgot to mention that on our trip to Jefferson City for the NaFFAA event, we got to experience a part of the nightlife of the city.

Now I don’t know what downtown Jefferson City is usually like on a Saturday night, but that particular Saturday night it was quiet. We ended up checking out High Street. We were looking for a place to get some grub and the first place we walked in to was Spectators. I think they checked our IDs and we got a table. But we were barely there for five minutes because we found out their kitchen was closed. So we tried another bar. J. Pfenny’s this time. I like the name. We got a booth and ordered pizza by the slice since that was basically the only food they were serving late at night.

It was a neat experience. It had been a long time since I’d been in a bar so it was nice to be back. I enjoyed being in an atmosphere of music, pool, food, friends, conversation, TVs on and laughter. Everything felt pretty chill, just like a bar should. I can’t remember which bar, but at one of the two we visited, someone recognized me. It took me a bit to realize this because I wasn’t expecting to be recognized, but then I remembered it must have been someone who recognized me from the place I used to work at in Jefferson City. They were not a co-worker, so it’s not like that, but they must have been one of the people I helped at the front desk.

After we finished our pizza (I actually didn’t get any, I was there for the community), we decided it was time to hop on back to our temporary home.

I don’t think I have done something like this since my college days, but I had fun. And what did I tell you, we did go on High Street and two different bars so we got high and went bar hopping, right? 😉