that time we got high and went bar hopping…

I forgot to mention that on our trip to Jefferson City for the NaFFAA event, we got to experience a part of the nightlife of the city.

Now I don’t know what downtown Jefferson City is usually like on a Saturday night, but that particular Saturday night it was quiet. We ended up checking out High Street. We were looking for a place to get some grub and the first place we walked in to was Spectators. I think they checked our IDs and we got a table. But we were barely there for five minutes because we found out their kitchen was closed. So we tried another bar. J. Pfenny’s this time. I like the name. We got a booth and ordered pizza by the slice since that was basically the only food they were serving late at night.

It was a neat experience. It had been a long time since I’d been in a bar so it was nice to be back. I enjoyed being in an atmosphere of music, pool, food, friends, conversation, TVs on and laughter. Everything felt pretty chill, just like a bar should. I can’t remember which bar, but at one of the two we visited, someone recognized me. It took me a bit to realize this because I wasn’t expecting to be recognized, but then I remembered it must have been someone who recognized me from the place I used to work at in Jefferson City. They were not a co-worker, so it’s not like that, but they must have been one of the people I helped at the front desk.

After we finished our pizza (I actually didn’t get any, I was there for the community), we decided it was time to hop on back to our temporary home.

I don’t think I have done something like this since my college days, but I had fun. And what did I tell you, we did go on High Street and two different bars so we got high and went bar hopping, right? 😉

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