not by accident

You have a purpose for being born. There’s a reason why you are alive right now, this very moment. Yes, you have family members and friends whose lives were not spared, but for the amount of time they were alive, they served a purpose too. Perhaps your purpose is to see through to the end the purpose they stood for. Who knows? Who knows but you?

But I don’t know my life purpose, you say. Ah, I counter with, this is where you are wrong. You do know your purpose. Yes, you do. Deep down there is some idea or some fantasy you want to see become real. Deep down you know there is something you love to do without anyone telling you to do it. That is your talent. Whether it’s singing or the ability to persuade anyone to do anything, it’s your talent. You have one and it’s waiting to come out and influence somebody. You just need to wake it up.

You might have to volunteer your time to get to know people in the field you are interested in. Or maybe it’s just a topic you are interested in learning more about, not necessarily to make a career out of. That’s a great place to start. Other people will be able to share their knowledge and experiences in your field of interest and you will have a better idea of how to navigate your ship.

My ship? Yes, you are a sailor. Your ship is currently drifting and just letting the wind take it wherever it pleases. It’s up to you to grab that wheel and pull it in the right harbor, not just any old harbor that will keep you inside your comfort zone. That is the quickest way to death.

Find some belief you are willing to die for and then figure out how to stand behind that belief. That, my dear, is your purpose if you haven’t figured it out already.

Good luck!



It doesn’t make sense to me when people make judgments on things they’ve never done, or people they’ve never met or basically on anything they haven’t experienced. Is hearsay really that powerful? This is more than “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I’m talking about how can you say you don’t like apple pie if you’ve never tried one? It’s got too many ps?

You don’t like skydiving even though you’ve never been skydiving? Blue and white just don’t go well together?

You don’t like Selita because everyone says she’s out to get other girls’ boyfriends? Have you even had one conversation with her?

You don’t like Ron because everyone says he says the same things to every girl? Has he said the same thing to you?

You don’t like tennis because there’s no way you’ll be able to serve the ball? Have you even held a racket?

I’m sure I could go on and on and you probably have examples of your own, but the point is, I think prejudices can sometimes prevent us from experiencing wonderful things. I invite you to check yourself the next time you are hesitant about meeting someone new or trying something new. It could be someone who comes from a different cultural background than you or it could be trying something new to eat. Try it regardless of what others have told you about it. At the end of the day, are they living your life or are you? The more you are willing to try something the new, the better you will understand each other and yourself.


Celebrate Local Authors

It was a lucky and comforting thing to have my friend Shanae there when I gave my first author reading last year. (Yes, I am aware this post is long overdue. Better late than never, right?) On the Saturday of Easter weekend last year, April 19th, I was able to participate in a Celebrate Local Authors event at our local Columbia Public Library. It was basically an all-day event that lasted from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. The morning session included author panel discussions about everything from writing tips to the whole publishing process through marketing and promotion. Apparently, according to the flyer, we also had refreshments, but I don’t remember because I was taking notes throughout the discussions.

By the way, during lunch I got the chance to meet a fellow writer and try out a vegetarian place downtown for the first time.

We came back just in time for the Open Book Fair. I had a booth with my books and another author took my picture in front of it, but sadly I do not have that picture so alas, you will just have to believe me. (Have a little faith.) Then about halfway through the fair, I was able to give my first author reading upstairs. Shanae showed up right before and was able to calm my nerves a bit. I’m so glad this was a small event because it was a lot less intimidating to read in front of ten-ish people than I’m sure what it would have been if there was a bigger crowd. I am so grateful to have had a friendly face in the audience.

Thank you Shanae for being there for me!


we are all whores

We are all whores to some extent. I’ll give you an example. And to make sure the only person I embarrass is myself, I’ll tell you a story about me that will explain where this concept was born.

Scene: grocery store
The other day I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when it occurred to me that while I enjoyed shopping at the grocery store I was currently in, it wasn’t the only one I ever went to. In other words, I wasn’t married to it.

There’s one grocery store I like going to because I know I will get a good deal on avocados. But that grocery store doesn’t have as great tasting steak meat as another one. Then there’s a different grocery store that has really good breakfast food. See where I’m going with this?

Maybe this is why people bar hop. (I say maybe because I am not in the habit of bar hopping.) One bar has great views of big screen TVs, another has amazing bar food and yet another has hotter women. OK, maybe this is actually why men bar hop, but the point is, with so many options out there for a lot of things we like, it is no wonder we can’t be married to one option.

We like to try a little bit of this, a little bit of that. This has a specific flavor we like. That has just the right color we want. In a way, we are not just whores, but creative whores at that.