we are all whores

We are all whores to some extent. I’ll give you an example. And to make sure the only person I embarrass is myself, I’ll tell you a story about me that will explain where this concept was born.

Scene: grocery store
The other day I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when it occurred to me that while I enjoyed shopping at the grocery store I was currently in, it wasn’t the only one I ever went to. In other words, I wasn’t married to it.

There’s one grocery store I like going to because I know I will get a good deal on avocados. But that grocery store doesn’t have as great tasting steak meat as another one. Then there’s a different grocery store that has really good breakfast food. See where I’m going with this?

Maybe this is why people bar hop. (I say maybe because I am not in the habit of bar hopping.) One bar has great views of big screen TVs, another has amazing bar food and yet another has hotter women. OK, maybe this is actually why men bar hop, but the point is, with so many options out there for a lot of things we like, it is no wonder we can’t be married to one option.

We like to try a little bit of this, a little bit of that. This has a specific flavor we like. That has just the right color we want. In a way, we are not just whores, but creative whores at that.

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