not by accident

You have a purpose for being born. There’s a reason why you are alive right now, this very moment. Yes, you have family members and friends whose lives were not spared, but for the amount of time they were alive, they served a purpose too. Perhaps your purpose is to see through to the end the purpose they stood for. Who knows? Who knows but you?

But I don’t know my life purpose, you say. Ah, I counter with, this is where you are wrong. You do know your purpose. Yes, you do. Deep down there is some idea or some fantasy you want to see become real. Deep down you know there is something you love to do without anyone telling you to do it. That is your talent. Whether it’s singing or the ability to persuade anyone to do anything, it’s your talent. You have one and it’s waiting to come out and influence somebody. You just need to wake it up.

You might have to volunteer your time to get to know people in the field you are interested in. Or maybe it’s just a topic you are interested in learning more about, not necessarily to make a career out of. That’s a great place to start. Other people will be able to share their knowledge and experiences in your field of interest and you will have a better idea of how to navigate your ship.

My ship? Yes, you are a sailor. Your ship is currently drifting and just letting the wind take it wherever it pleases. It’s up to you to grab that wheel and pull it in the right harbor, not just any old harbor that will keep you inside your comfort zone. That is the quickest way to death.

Find some belief you are willing to die for and then figure out how to stand behind that belief. That, my dear, is your purpose if you haven’t figured it out already.

Good luck!

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