the corner of acceptance and insanity

What are we overanalyzing for? Unless it’s for a Calculus (I love how I have to capitalize all my school subjects like they were that important) problem, why are we constantly going over and over again in our heads what someone said or did and what they meant by that and how we feel about it and then how we feel about them as a result of our conclusions about what happened? (Phew! That was a lot of work just the get that all out.)

When we overanalyze other people’s words and actions, we tire ourselves out. That is a fact. Whether you are a guy or a gal, I’m sure at some point in your life you have overanalyzed what something someone either said or did to you. Or didn’t do. Maybe you even do it several times a week. Dare I even say several times a day? Some days are better than others.

Why can’t we just accept that whoever is a true friend, whoever truly cares about us, will find a way to show it and make time for us no matter what and leave it at that? We can’t, so we go right back to analyzing. It’s like we as humans need constant validation that someone cares about us, that yes, we are worthy.

But if we get to the point of overanalyzing, think about what we don’t accomplish. If we are overanalyzing, the situation is out of our control. If it is out of our control, we must accept whatever outcome comes out. I think acceptance is the hardest part of this process. If we can’t accept this fact, we continue down the path of overanalyzation. It’s right at the intersection of Acceptance and Insanity. How much time you waste by overanalyzing, yet you still do it!

As a fellow overanalyzer, I have no tips for you for how you stop yourself. Maybe we just need to accept that we overanalyze. 🙂

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