Crazy Writer Time #1: Butt doesn’t want to go in chair

As I mentioned, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to go about this, not even what to call these, but I don’t want to delay anymore. I thought about starting from the very beginning like Maria in The Sound of Music. But nah, I have a different idea. Some of these posts will be about characteristics of being a crazy writer and others will be about “making it” as a writer. No matter what I write about on this topic, it will be about being a crazy writer specifically as it applies to me.

This first one is going to be a quickie. I find myself having trouble putting muh butt to muh chair when I’m overstimulated. Sometimes, just stimulated. Tonight, after talking to an old friend on the phone, I found it hard to sit down, be still and write this post. I’m pacing as I craft this. I’m getting up and down as I craft this. I was having writer’s block for this post until after the phone call. So first thing you want to know is stimulation can make it difficult for me to write. And so many things can be classified as stimulation really, anything goes. A phone call. A conversation with a friend. A movie. A party…

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