I am part of a trailer

I am in a video! Someone else’s this time and it’s a trailer. Well, good because I bet you guys are sick of me attempting to make videos that sound coherent and have music and all that jazz. I think I will continue my attempts because I gave my word, but for now, you might recognize the person behind this trailer as Dr. Merjjena B. Hemp. If you watch closely you will see me awkwardly trying to wish her luck on her launch.

Since this video she has launched her Complicated Conversations videos on topics dealing with our lives in the post-9/11 era. But first, can we talk about how she decided to launch this series?! Skydiving from 13,000 feet!! Props to her for coming up with not only a creative way to launch, but a daredevil way to go! Seriously.

Check out Merj’s channel for more on what people were doing during 9/11, how education plays a role on how we are to view the world, gun control issues, and more fun flying/gliding videos. We all need to have more adventure in our spirits like Merj.

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