Hold your horses! I mean…brains…

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…

I have a bunch of updates coming very soon, but first! The Babe challenged me some time last week to do a free write on the word, “zombie.”

When was this? Some time a few years ago, right? It had sometingt to do with bath salts and I remember the guy with one letter in his name told me about it. I freaked out because e he ws implying that zombie s exist now and I was thainking what?! So I wnt home and Googled it right away of course because sadly, I didn’t know kno even know what bath slats were. Homeless guy ate a face off pictures of police officers running after halloweedn come to life. Was this happening now? For realz? I’ going to take a bath and rub salt all over my body? Am I going to be fed to a cannibal? Silne ece of the labms heart of darneks ness joshep Conrad I saw that apovalaype now movie with my romaniona girl frind back in college why do I keep talking about college? Warm bodies. One of my friends saw that and said t it ws relaly good, but I haven’t seen it yet. I on’t don really fascinate with szombie and walking dead on the visual screen like most people are my ex used to lov e zombie he probably still does know butr I will never know buecase I do NOT want to go back there not that it ended pbadly maybe our erealtinoship is a zsombie relatioshop now

Time: 5 minutes
Words: 228

I really enjoyed doing this free write and if you want to find out more about The Babe, Fred Colton just did an interview, check it out: Verging on Notoriety: An Interview with The Babe

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