do you mind?

Me in large doses is dangerous. You’ll start to assume and question every little thing. Every little thing until you drop on the couch. But then you can’t recline there with your legs apart and do nothing unless you close your eyes.

Yes, close your eyes and when you open them again, you regret the time that slipped away that you can never get back.

So you reach for your phone and watch music videos or read tweets or emails and Google nonsensical items that won’t stick afterwards. The ones that do end up as writing material somewhere.

Me in large doses is dangerous. When someone asks for advice, I tell them one thing and do another. Do as I say, not as I do is my philosophy.

I love philosophy, but I wouldn’t major in it and offended someone who did. Nothing I say is safe. There’s always someone who’s offended or disagrees. Somehow I’m still alive.

Penny for my thoughts. But what if my thoughts could kill? Is it worth the copper then?

Me in large doses is dangerous. You say something and it’ll inevitably be a song lyric and I’ll spit it out back at ya. You try to mimic on the fingerboard and f holes and sound posts, and sometimes you nail it, but other times, you make an epic fail.

I want to take you somewhere far away, some sanctuary where you can be free from it all. In reality, you get awkward phrases attempting to disguise themselves as sentences and end up more confined than you started. Don’t ask me how words can do that. They just can.

So keep your distance, unless you don’t mind the side effects.

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