Just write it.

It’s your turn. Go on now. You have it in you. If no one else told you today, I believe in you. I believe you have the talent to make the words it takes to move fans and gain new ones. Many new ones. They are hidden in that intricate mind of yours, but do share. Glitter always makes everything better, unless of course, it gets on your food. Then yech! >.<

No, you’re not special, but that’s what makes your words so great—no one’s heard them your way before. Do I contradict myself? Maybe, but the only way to find out is to hit the PUBLISH button. And if the right words in the right order don’t come right away, then take a left turn and go talk to a stranger, watch a movie trailer, Google something, and bleed a little. In that order. Until they do come.

Hang upside down for 30 seconds if you must. A whole new perspective is just what the doctor orders for those moments when you need to shake the cobwebs out of your ears. But you’ve got this. You’ve got this since the day you came out of your mother’s uterus. Naturally. Then let the words marinate in black ink for 10 minutes before adding color. If it still doesn’t come out right, start over.

What, did you think it would be that easy? If it were easy…

So read it out loud; sometimes it can be tricky trying to listen to the sound of your own voice. Maybe you don’t want to hear it, but do it anyway. You can do it. It’s your time. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. The best part of waking up is knowing this. Knowing you already have everything you need to write ‘em dead.

What are you waiting for? You just need one person to believe in you and so what if it’s you? Add me and there’s two. DMX told us if you don’t start something, there won’t be something. I think he’s right.

7 thoughts on “Just write it.

  1. I just read about you on the Underdaddy blog and thought I’d popped over to say hello. Your comments on writing were interesting. Luckily, my blogposts have all the right words, just not necessarily in the right order. (I must admit, I stole and adapted this line from a comedian I heard on TV about 40 years ago.)

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