Fred Colton’s First Book Is Out

One of my favorite writers just released his first book today. Yay!

Fred Colton

All right. I made a bunch of stuff up and wrote it down and now it’s a book. And you can download it right here:

A huge shoutout goes to Mr. Vern Lovic—perhaps you can call him the Obi-Wan of ebooks—for his sharing his wisdom during this long march to publishing.

So, the book. I have to allow myself one jackoff post about this thing.

What it is:

The Colony. Action/futuristic thriller/a bit of mystery. An American lunar colony is bombed and an Air Force pilot is framed for it. He ends up stuck on the moon with less than an hour of oxygen in his suit and a platoon of Marines gunning for him. That, and much, much more. I had a lot of fun with it and I hope you will too.

Plot Blueprint:

Apollo 13 plus some Craig-era Bond transplanted onto a Die Hard

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