The year I landed in America, West Coast side, and also the title of Taylor Swift’s (as if you really needed that link, I know you know who she is) latest album. I have been playing her album on repeat since I got it, with little lapses of time in between when I didn’t play it at all. That’s right. It’s called self-controlled obsession.

I’m mesmerized by “1989” because it’s very poppy and if such a thing as music roots exists, then pop would be mine. “Wildest Dreams” is my favorite song off the album and she just dropped the music video for it. My immediate reaction: WHAT? I can’t even! :O I thought she was done releasing singles for the moment, but I am so excited she ended up releasing another one and it turned out to be my favorite “1989” one.

I love the lyrics, I love the beat, and I love the setting. She also goes with a darker hair color in this one. And even though the love storyline reminds me of a tamer version of her “Blank Space” music video, I love how she takes the literal meaning of the song and places the setting in the Sahara, where they are surrounded by wild animals. It’s like how did she know my wildest dreams are also to chill with the cast of The Lion King?! Breathtaking views, too, I mean seriously. I was reading what critics were writing about this song and somewhere it said these lyrics are the most “sexually mature” off of the album. Look at these lines:

I said “No one has to know what we do,”
His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room

Somehow knowing this makes me proud of her. She makes sexy look classy, not skanky and I love that about her. Don’t break the repeat button:

P.S. That yellow dress! And I love how she goes, “a-gain.” She’s also donating proceeds from the video to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America. Seriously I’m in love. ❤

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