la infección

It started raining as soon as the plane landed. Sophia was glad for the rain because now she could hide her loss behind feeling gloomy because of it. Allie wouldn’t be back for another 24 hours so that bought Sophia some time before she’d have to face her roommate.

It seemed to take centuries for her to make it back home. When the driver finally dropped her off, Sophia was glad her hoodie hid her face. She didn’t even want to risk the doorman figuring out what had happened to her. After all, the walls could talk and next thing you know, Mamá is on the teléfono all up in her grill going on and on about how she just knew she would lose the account and why couldn’t she have listened to tu madre in the first place? Sophia rolled her eyes just thinking about it. Mamá would always hover, even if Sophia did everything exactly her way. She seemed to forget that her umbilical cord had been cut 25 years ago.

She kept her hoodie on when she made it back to her room. She wanted to pretend the rain was going to take care of all her problems for a sec. Just for a sec. She sat down on her bed and leaned up against the wall and just listened to the droplets of water, imagining each one going, “there, there” and sending tingles up and down her spine.

She closed her eyes and imagined redoing her day. But that didn’t work. So she thought of the beach and decided tomorrow she’d go surfing. Then stopped herself as soon as she remembered it’s not a good idea to go right after it rained. Well then. Maybe she should anyway and then not have to face Allie. It just took one day to get infected, didn’t it?

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