Fred Colton’s New Story Is Out

Oops! He did it again. Books are just flying out his fingers these days.

Fred Colton

Possible Fatal Cover 2

I made some more stuff up and now it’s a story. You can get it right here. Tell your friends. Especially if they have a Kindle.

What it is:

Fatal. It’s an action-thriller set in the near future. One of the leads of my first book,The Colony, is a Marine-turned-vigilante named Pace Warner. Fatal is his story, and the prequel to The Colony.

If The Colony was a summer blockbuster then Fatal is a short film. Technically I guess it’s a novella, because it’s 16,000 words, but I hate the word novella.

In this story Pace goes to Juba, South Sudan to assassinate a warlord who’s staging a bloody coup in the region. Does it work? Does he succeed? Man, I can’t tell you. But I can promise you sniper rifles and drones and explosions and a battalion of soldiers who get very, very angry at him…

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