i don’t know what this is

The skeletons in my closet are actually quite visible if you’re around me a lot. My flaw is identifying other people’s flaws in my head and then sometimes repeating them out loud in front of the person. Oops.

(Sometimes I don’t.)

I’m perfectly aware I have flaws and could identify them to you at a drop of a hat, but then I’d overdo it and annoy you and that’s another flaw.

(But my dark secrets are well-hidden and never leave the closet.)

A secret is only a secret if no one even knows you have one.

When you start itching, you’re either allergic to your thoughts or commitment. I have accepted my nun existence and my cat can catch moles now so I won’t need a sugar daddy anyway.

(My ADD mind spits out things I can’t predict.)

I’ve been taking care of myself for a long time and can’t imagine life with anyone else.

(Somehow the secret slips out.)

Every Halloween I don’t need a costume. I just show up as myself and that’s scary enough.

4 thoughts on “i don’t know what this is

  1. I love this, boo! I kinda do the same thing about catching others flaws, but I tend to keep it to myself. Unless I have to call out some bullshit. Which I totally will.

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