AC/DC was onto something

This morning I almost didn’t make it. To work. My car hit some black ice and I slid all over the place like an Etch A Sketch until I lost total control and ended up on the grass on the side of the road, about to go on the ramp to the highway, after having just missed hitting a yield sign. I feel like I skipped a breath before putting my car into Park. Then, behind me, a tow truck showed up, police lights blazing, stopped next to me. The driver came out and walked up to my window. He asked if I’m alright. In a daze, I sputtered out, “I don’t know. I have no idea…” He told me to stay put and he’ll take a look at my car. He told me everything seems to be fine. I only slid around a little on ice as he did.

Then he pointed at the grassy area in front and told me how to get back on the highway.

4 thoughts on “AC/DC was onto something

  1. Cops are too used to seeing crazy shit they never give you the reaction you’re looking for. Just once I want a cop to see something and be like “HOLY SHIT dude, you alright? Damn that was a close one!!!”

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