cut along the dotted line…or not



An apartment is a temporary home unless you live somewhere like New York or L.A. or the like. Then it’s not surprising if you live in an apartment permanently. And even if you never move into a house, why should it matter? If you live solo you have no need for a house, but if you live solo in a house, there’s nothing wrong with that either. I’m not saying things to make anyone feel better. I’m just saying things how they are.

I don’t know how it became everyone’s stenciled-in dream to own a house, get married, and/or have kids in said house. That’s why it’s comforting to me to meet couples who don’t have children because they chose not to. Or someone who never got married. I’m not saying these are things I want, but it’s nice to know I don’t have to be the coveted last piece to the jigsaw puzzle if I don’t want to. It’s nice to have options.


and we break for this…

Am I the only one who finds it truly astounding that we have enough resources on this planet to feed every single person alive today? Every. Single. One. So why do have so many starving people? Is it really selfishness? I must confess I always thought we just don’t have enough resources and people keep breeding uncontrollably. I don’t know what to think anymore except that if it’s true we have enough, then we must make sure every single mouth is fed. Because being hungry is not fun and it’s worse if there’s food all around, yet not a morsel available to be digested to cure the pain. That’s messed up. That’s like dividing a room in half with masking tape and telling each other to stay on your side. Eventually you’re going to want to cross. I’m no Marie Antoinette, but I say let them cross!


I know you can keep a secret.

There are times when I sit down to write and just want to scream my head off, not because I have writer’s block (even though sometimes I want to react like that too when I do), but because all of a sudden I am thinking about something that irks me like this morning when I was unable to disable Skype from my email. It’ll be something out of my control for the moment and it’ll just bother me and bother me until either I figure it out or turn to writing and just want to scream my head off.

I think this feeling is akin to wanting to win every time you do something that has a win or lose outcome or wanting to do something new right the very first time you do it. I suppose I have those flaws too now that I think about it. The perfectionist in me won’t stop clawing at me like a grizzly bear protecting its cubs from a hunter. I can even play dead and it won’t go away. (It’s very possible I saw The Revenant today.) The stubborn in me becomes defensive and I lash out, regretting it immediately. My thoughts are not just screaming at this point–they want to be let out and do a Show and Tell until understanding is achieved. Chicken would be involved.

My character doesn’t accept defeat. That one is a strength and a weakness. (My, that would be a fun interview question answer now wouldn’t it?)  My character keeps her mouth shut when she should have said something, but there were so many thoughts running through her brain it was easier to stay silent because she didn’t want to confuse anyone even though mainly she’s just confusing herself. And hurting herself. And sometimes dragging others with her unintentionally by remaining quiet.

I like to solve problems, but when there’s something I can’t fix within the time limit, let the banshee loose and rip up the cash.


who thought this would be a good idea?!

impromptu rant time! >.< I don’t know about other places, but Kansas City has done this to me twice now–calling two roads the exact same name. Tonight I was driving down the wrong street only to find out the street I was supposed to be on has the exact same name as the wrong street I was on. O.o Are you serious Kansas City?! I ended up having to pull out my GPS to go home because it was dark, this was the first time I have ever attempted this route, thus making it impossible to read the signs. I ended up not going to where I was going to go and headed home. Gahhhh! The last time this happened, I was driving to a ceremony honoring my dad for his work. I dressed up for this. I drove from Columbia for this. I left on time for this. BUT I got there late because Kansas City decides to have one street go straight and turn left AT THE SAME TIME. this was a WEDNESDAY TUESDAY FRIDAY moment. this was a scarecrow go thataway pointing in two opposite directions moment. Now the hosts are going to think I flaked and I’ll never find out what happened on that first day of health class. I made a great first impression by not making one. !!! now all I wanna know is WHO NAMED THESE STREETS? who thought it would be a great idea to name two streets the exact same name? seriously this helps no one. no one i tell you!!! now i’m going to go make faces at mapquest.


PBS program



Today is the 41st anniversary of the discovery of the mountain of monarch butterflies according to the Google homepage. This discovery was made possible by thousands of volunteers keeping track of the butterflies’ flight path. Now there’s a Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. I would love to go see this someday. I knew my parents were right in suggesting me take Spanish when we had to choose a foreign language in school.


things float

Down by Serenity Creek there’s a raspberry bush where a fish called Hooky swims by. The birds get first dibs on the raspberries. Hooky used to eat crickets, earthworms, and Rold Gold pretzels. Hooky used to splash water at strangers until he learned to trust. Trust came in the form of crickets, earthworms, and Rold Gold pretzels. Let the birds.


Celebrate that!

The New Year sneaks up on you like a gas leak. In mine, the only rule is there are no rules. No one goes thirsty. No one goes hungry. No one lives like they are always in someone’s way. No one acts like they are apologizing for their existence. No one dies silently. They all own it.