and we break for this…

Am I the only one who finds it truly astounding that we have enough resources on this planet to feed every single person alive today? Every. Single. One. So why do have so many starving people? Is it really selfishness? I must confess I always thought we just don’t have enough resources and people keep breeding uncontrollably. I don’t know what to think anymore except that if it’s true we have enough, then we must make sure every single mouth is fed. Because being hungry is not fun and it’s worse if there’s food all around, yet not a morsel available to be digested to cure the pain. That’s messed up. That’s like dividing a room in half with masking tape and telling each other to stay on your side. Eventually you’re going to want to cross. I’m no Marie Antoinette, but I say let them cross!

4 thoughts on “and we break for this…

  1. A lot of the issue is poor/militant leadership in poor countries. There is so much in-fighting that they can’t establish trade networks or agriculture systems. Greed! Motivator and executioner.

  2. No. You’re not! Yes, me too!
    I’m not as altruistic and caring as you. I think “what do all these fucking people do each day, and more important, why? Just to survive another day? How fucking meaningless”
    Often, I include myself in that.

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