cut along the dotted line…or not


An apartment is a temporary home unless you live somewhere like New York or L.A. or the like. Then it’s not surprising if you live in an apartment permanently. And even if you never move into a house, why should it matter? If you live solo you have no need for a house, but if you live solo in a house, there’s nothing wrong with that either. I’m not saying things to make anyone feel better. I’m just saying things how they are.

I don’t know how it became everyone’s stenciled-in dream to own a house, get married, and/or have kids in said house. That’s why it’s comforting to me to meet couples who don’t have children because they chose not to. Or someone who never got married. I’m not saying these are things I want, but it’s nice to know I don’t have to be the coveted last piece to the jigsaw puzzle if I don’t want to. It’s nice to have options.

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