Sometimes I really don’t like talking to older women because they don’t know when to shut up. They think they are always right and can therefore predict what you are going to say or what happened to you. They give unsolicited advice, interrupting your sentences before seeing the big picture. They think they don’t need to see your big picture because they already have their big picture which somehow already looks like the big picture you were going to paint. They can’t possibly see how your trivial words could ever match up to their words of wisdom.

Well, no wonder no one gets along with their mother-in-law.

(But secretly, every once in a while, an older woman does give me wise advice that I really need to follow so I end up having future conversations with her. I just don’t like being interrupted, ya know? Especially when I’m talking about a personal problem. Just let me finish!)

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  1. I think that some Chinese older ladies like to talk and interrupt a lot, not as good at listening. American older ladies maybe a little better, they don’t have the cultural expectation of being respected just because they’ve hit a certain age. As for MILs, there is a bit of pressure for a new wife to live up to her MIL, so sometimes, the emotions do get in the way. Of course, all this could be avoided if folks would respect one another and listen more than they speak. Interesting tidbit about my MIL, she tries very hard not to get in our way of life, so much so that even when we ask her for advice, she holds back a little. I respect her actions, of course, sometimes I wish we could be free from cultural pressures and stereotypes…

    • Julie! It’s really great to hear from you!! Again, you have left me some wise words. I agree that people need to listen more and speak less. You are very lucky to have the MIL that you do, but I see your point.

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