in which I dream of reality

I walked by a dandelion and picked up a walnut so that I could give it to you through the TV. It was a sunny day and I saw a robin swallow a worm. It was the kind of jean jacket meant to be left behind in a car to be sniffed later. Yellow teeth and roses are the perfect combo for that. Don’t you think so?

They say thirdhand smoke ruins children’s lives and I’m wondering how we got to thirdhand. Carrie Bradshaw would wonder with me. I’m over here, the robin whisperer, trying to make one stop tapping on a windshield while its cousin Earl taps on a window.

Relatives from far away can be more annoying than helpful. And even a body roll can’t dress this sick beat. But still I keep reading, hoping to jump through the time machine to the land before I was born because the robins there actually speak to me like I’m Mary Poppins.

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