Waldo Pizza


Waldo Pizza

That, my friends, is pizza unique to Kansas City. These two slices of Waldo Pizza made a cameo appearance during my Django adventure. Waldo Pizza is especially good if you are a vegetarian because they have several options for more of a veggie pizza. The slice on the left is one of their spinach options and as someone who eats like an omnivore, the slice on the right is a meat option I got. I think there were bacon pieces on this one too.

Let me tell you both slices were yummy and this was my first time trying Waldo Pizza and I’m pretty sure it is not a chain restaurant. I have never seen or heard of it before moving to KC. I am definitely going back some time. I want to try the other toppings they have. They seem to have something for everyone.


The joke’s on you!

Limbo. I always seem to be in limbo. Always. Never fails. Or never takes off? Is that righter? I don’t know. I just know about limbo. I’m like the Tooth Fairy in the DCOM “Toothless.” (DCOM stands for Disney Channel Original Movie for those of you who are wondering.) I’m like the anorexic removing every last grain of white rice from my plate and still thinking there’s too much food to eat. I’m the girl waiting for my crush to text back. I’m the defendant waiting for the verdict. I’m the student waiting to get her exam paper back.

I sometimes wonder if anyone else feels like this and how many. Because there is always someone out there who has felt the same as you no matter how alone you may feel. Yeah, but how many? And what is with my obsession with numbers? Am I autistic? I’m stuck in between caring about numbers and caring about words. I used to care about numbers more than words and then one day I flipped the switch and now I’m all about words and less about numbers.

But where has that gotten me? Limbo! I’m “Tuck Everlasting.” I’m Peter Pan. Actually that’s a whole other issue. You get the picture. Not the whole picture, but you know what I mean. You can pick up what I’m laying down. Who are you anyway? Why am I telling you this? Are you my parents? Friends? Society? I’ve been trying to figure you out for some time too so consider yourself in limbo. Ha!


So over the weekend I identified for sure my two loaded questions: how are you? and how’s your writing going?

The first one I appreciate, but find annoying to answer; the second one I find aggravating to no end.

I always lie when I answer the first question and never reveal how I’m actually doing so I don’t have to elaborate. The second one I usually get tricked into revealing too much than I meant to about what I’m working on so I try to avoid altogether by either changing the subject or now recently just awkwardly telling the interrogator I don’t really tell people about my writing process.


The Meaning of Life for Some

I often wonder what kind of person wakes up and works on a craft for hours on end, hoping that by focusing on it and only it they can achieve professional status, all the while with the risk that in one audition or one botched up interview they could lose everything. I guess you’d have to talk to the people that get there. But to do that, you probably have to dangle a carrot in front of them.

Because it is always about how to reach the next level, like this professional life they are chasing is a video game. In a video game you can lose your life several times before you are gone from a level. Maybe you have to start all over again from level one, but what happens in real life? You just get older. Maybe real life is like what Sasha Cohen said about training for the Olympics—at first it’s every day, every day you are training, getting better and good enough to go to the Olympics, then you wake up one morning, win a gold medal and the next day you have no idea what to do with yourself.



You know that part in “Going the Distance” when Drew Barrymore’s character tells Justin Long’s character her timeline is off? Yeah, that’s me. And I know I’m probably not the only one out there going through a crooked life timeline, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. I do, however, feel comfort in knowing that when I get through this stage of my life, I’ll be able to help those who get stuck feeling this way through sharing my experiences. But that’s such a remote comfort it almost seems absurd to even have this kind of comfort exist in the world. Maybe I just made it up?

(Well, just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, a crooked life timeline a la “Going the Distance” style is, in one example, being a 31-year-old intern.)

On a side note, it makes me sad to think some people have so much potential to become someone outstanding, but because other people are so jealous, they do everything they can in their power to tear that person down before that person has realized their full potential. In some cases, this leads to a crooked life timeline, but of course, no path is ever taken without at least partial influence coming from the walker himself. After all, it is the walker who chose the path in the end, regardless of who influenced their decision to go down that path.

(Sorry guys, this isn’t my most optimistic post, but I just had to share. Sharing is caring. ;))