Crazy Writer Time #4: The Delete Button

Sometimes I’m writing and the only good words I’m getting I’m deleting. And that feels good.

OK, so to an outsider that may sound weird. I mean, who writes seriously, deletes words, and feels good about it? Let me tell you why. In my wee days as a writer, I was afraid of deleting anything. I would just write things down, compiled into a blog post style, and then either post it as is if I was writing by typing or leave it on the page and not type it up to be posted if I really didn’t like it. I guess, now looking back, maybe the second one is a form of deleting, but to me, unless it was something I was typing up and physically pushing the delete button, it wasn’t counting as an act of deletion. And I’m talking about pushing the delete button as something that feels good.

I think this fear of removing words just came from “oh, what if I want to see what something originally looked like, but then I deleted it and I’ll never get that first version back?”:O But then after some time, I realized deleting is a sign of a maturing writer because there is no way something sounds right the first time you write it every single time. Not deleting would be like not editing and editing is a crucial part of writing. So now that I actually like deleting, I guess that means I’m accepting my flaws as a writer and understanding that it’s not always going to sound right the first time I write it and that’s OK. Not that every time I didn’t delete anything I thought the post sounded right. I think sometimes I’d just be in a hurry to post something so I’d just post it without thinking too much about it.

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