Clarity is a domesticated cat.

Clarity can be so hard to find sometimes. But there are habits you have that are also extremely hard to break. Now I’m not talking about things like drinking and smoking. I like to put those habits into another category on their own and save it for another time. I’m talking about the kinds of habits that make you who you are. Like if you always have to split apart an Oreo cookie and dunk it piece by piece in the milk before you have it or if you always have to walk by your favorite coffee shop on the way home even if you’re not going to get anything just so you can have a whiff again of what you want your home to smell like one day. Things of that nature. These habits that make up who you are, well, you can like them or hate them, but they will always be a part of you because you can’t run away from yourself.

Take a domesticated cat, for example. It may live with humans, but it’s still going to have a natural instinct to hunt, purr, lick itself, climb trees, jump, etc. It’s going to be who it is—a cat. No matter how long it lives with its human owners, it’s never going to be a human because that’s not what it is. So, when you are trying to find clarity, big or small, whether it’s what’s the next movie you should go see to what’s your life’s purpose, listen to those habits you can’t seem to shake to see what they have to say. You just might find yourself.

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