don’t want to break your heart

My heart breaks for injustice. But that sounds so kindergarten, so I dare not say it to anyone. Because injustice is everywhere, like asking someone, “do you like breathing?” So how does one narrow it down? How do you figure out what injustice has more weight than the others? Who can really say? I know who, but I dare not say that either. And perhaps that’s where we need to begin. By listening to the voices of hurt people. To the cries of endangered species. To the cries of unborn children. What do they want? Why are they in pain? Can we do anything about it?

That last question there, that one, that I fear the most. What if I am not enough? What if I can’t really make an impact? What if everyone laughs at me? What if no one will support what I’m doing? So many questions. So many uncertainties. But the worst one of all is inaction.

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