just a thought

Everyone has insecurities. Everyone who is human anyway. Heck, maybe animals have insecurities too, we just don’t speak animal so we don’t know. Maybe plants have insecurities as well, we just don’t speak plant so we don’t know. By we I mean humans in case you were wondering. But I mean, who else would I be referring to if not humans? We’re so selfish it makes sense.

The problem is we care about our insecurities. So we spend time and money on fixing these insecurities until we notice someone with shinier hair, whiter teeth, and fairer skin. Life becomes a video game—always trying to get to the next level while losing lives along the way. It never ends, like laundry or dishes.

It’s so sad people don’t just embrace what makes them different and share that with the world instead of hiding behind everybody else’s thoughts. An insecurity is born out of a thought. By comparing one person’s thought to another one is how we get ourselves into trouble. Because thoughts breed ideas and an idea can be a dangerous thing to hold.


Trying to be all “yay!” and not sure yet if it’ll work…


I picked this up today even though it was 15 days ago. I just didn’t get a chance to until now. It was a nice surprise free gift from Ulta. I didn’t want to pass it up even though I’m not really the girly type. Who knows? I may need to use it in the future. I can see why some girls really love this stuff. The packaging of beauty products almost always looks pretty. And shiny too a lot of times. I suppose pretty and shiny appeals to most girls.

Britney Spears has become a kind of good luck charm for me. If I randomly hear her song somewhere, it usually means something good will happen to me. When I listen to her albums, I feel happy and if I feel down, her songs lift me up. It all started with her being the first artist I ever became a fan of such a long time ago. Some people have made fun of me for liking her, but I mean, if she’s got so many fans she’s super famous, there are a lot of people out there who would disagree with those people who made fun of me for liking her. That has to count for something right?

Well, the next few days, and hopefully this won’t last for more than a few days, I will be listening to Britney Spears a lot or at least wishing I could hear her song randomly somewhere.